Women s rights in the 1800 s compared to today

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Women s rights in the 1800 s compared to today

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Unfortunately, I have found no other information. I would appreciate any info or ideas about other places to look. One possible good source should be: The Life and Times of Grace Malley c. But it might be hard to find. She basically made her living off of piracy in County Galway.

She came from a family that traditionally were sea rovers. As I recalled she owned a number of ships. Queen Elizabeth I tried to convince Grainne to stop harassing her fleet. She supposedly invited her to the English court and gave her a lapdog and embroidered gifts - to no avail. Grainne returned to Ireland and kidnapped an Englishman who lived in Howth Castle in Dublin, thus establishing her independence.

She died in poverty. Another source is "Bold in Her Breeches: There is a long tradition of Celtic warrior women as goddesses and legendary mortals.

The most famous is Queen Maeve or Medba legendary and extraordinary warrior who ran faster than horses, slept with innumerable kings, and headed an army. But she is, of course, a mythological figure. I am a 4th grade student. My dad helped me find your web page.

I have an assignment to find information on a job that women in the Colonies had. Do you have any information that I could use about what the life of a colonial Milliner might have been like?

Anything you can give me would be great. Or if you know somewhere else that I can look, that would also help. Women worked in all sorts of occupations: They worked in nearly all the same occupations as men - most working in businesses with their husbands or fathers.

It would make sense that women were milliners, as they tended to produce things and sell things specifically for women. They sold fine lace, hoop-petticoats, womens stays, toys, and so forth.

Ask your father what a stay and hoop skirt were! Many women worked out of their home. Dressmaking was one thing they did.

Weaving, baking and nursing could be done from home too. Some women managed their home, or even large plantations in the South, when men were away.

I was wondering if you could tell me about some women in ww2.More than any other illustrator, John Held Jr.'s comic art captured the style and exuberant tenor of the "Decade that Roared." Flappers were northern, urban, single, young, middle-class women. Many held steady jobs in the changing American economy.

The clerking jobs that blossomed in the Gilded Age.

Women s rights in the 1800 s compared to today

Ever since the s, women and men fought for women’s rights in America. The Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution granted the right for women . “Women’s issues are reduced to relationships, the laments of single women, body image, holistic medicine and therapy. Feminism is thus bled of its radical social or political agenda”.

Denied admission to the World Antislavery Convention in London in , abolitionists Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized the nations first women's rights convention. The convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York, in Jan 25,  · The French National Assembly’s approval on Jan. 22 of an amendment that frees women seeking an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy from having to justify their decision is .

Oct 09,  · Today women can vote and hold higher jobs. Before (depending on how far back you go) women could not go, and did not have a lot of equal opportunity. Untill up untill the 70's and the feminist movement, women were treated unfairly in the schwenkreis.com: Resolved.

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