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Thesis Abstract Social media has grown in popularity over the past few years and seems to be almost everywhere in society. The main focus is on female body image and whether or not social media causes negative body image and body dissatisfaction. A survey was constructed to collect data on current female college students and their perceptions of body image.

Thesis author image

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Thesis author image

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Thesis author image

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share | improve this answer. answered Jan 5 '15 at How should I cite 3 images that were used to compose a new image? 5. Rates of negative body image among social media users were higher based on the user’s own internalization of messages and images.

The higher one’s internalization level, the more likely they were to experience negative body image and body dissatisfaction. Author. Kathryn Bell. Date. Document Type. Thesis Comittee. Kim. If you found the image in a book, you will also need the author, title, publisher information, date, page, and figure or plate number of the reproduction.

If you found the image online, you will need an access date, the web site address (URL), and, in some cases, an image ID number. Mar 06,  · 10 Tips on How to Write an Author Bio.

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