The prison films in american cinema

In the late s, with domestic and international film markets free to incorporate and exploit material such as violence and nudity gave birth to a new genre in addition to creating subgenres. By the s and beyond, with the insurgence of the Politically Correct Police and the need for Trigger Warnings, many exploitation films are reduced to being watered down in comparison to their predecessors. Some are revered as satirical spoofs or weak homages passed off as being edgy with an overly polished presentation.

The prison films in american cinema

Prison films can take place all inside a prison, or the narrative can occur in and outside of a prison, and often involve a prison escape which is unsurprisingly quite a common trope for a prison film. Prison has been the setting of many films and television programmes over the years, one of the best television programmes being Oz Oz was a six series American programme created by Tom Fontana which depicted the daily lives of the staff and the prisoners at an experimental prison which housed possibly the most scary and violent prisoners in the country.

The writing, direction, script and acting was incredible, and although incredibly bleak and violent, it was also immensely enjoyable.

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There have also been the less critically acclaimed but highly enjoyable programmes such as Prison BreakBad Girls and Prisoner: Cell Block H More recently Orange is the New Black ongoing has shown that there is still very much an audience for a good prison drama.

It is quite a challenging task to choose only the 20 best prison films in existence as there are obviously so many, but the following films are picked for their overall quality, and their power to be remembered. Films from all over the prison genre spectrum are included.

Most of the films listed star a mostly male cast, which is common for prison films. Unfortunately at present there are a lack of very good films set in a female prison, but hopefully more will be produced in the near future.

Cube Cube is not really a conventional prison film; however it is of course set in a prison of sorts. Cube begins when a small amount of inmates wake up in a cuboid prison, with no idea of how they have arrived there.

They discover that this cuboid prison leads into other cuboid rooms; however grisly deaths and injuries occur when the prisoners enter these new rooms.

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The prisoners must therefore work out if it is even possible to escape from this horrible world they have woken up to. It is surprising how gripping and tense the film is considering it almost takes place in the same room with the same people for the entire feature length.

The film immerses the audience into a claustrophobic, tense and taught atmosphere.

The prison films in american cinema

The script is well written and performed by the characters and the pacing keeps the audience intrigued. It mixes elements of the horror and mystery genres spectacularly and is quietly brilliant. He is a troublemaker and marked as one by the prison staff.

The prison films in american cinema

He is extremely troubled and violent, so much so he is transferred to an adult prison, in which he quickly becomes known as a violent and misbehaved trouble starter.

However he comes up against someone who has a different effect on him than before whilst in prison, another prisoner in the facility, his father.HJ Depp on.

Return of the Living Dead Part II Zombie/Horror I know it’s not rare but I can’t find a working download that. A soft-focus dramatisation of the largely unsuccessful mass escape from the Stalag Luft III prison camp during the second world war.

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On first viewing, I was mesmerised by the downtrodden military heroics of s icons of cool Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn.

Locked Up: The Prison Genre in American Cinema explores how the prison genre makes meaning in American film. It investigates how the genre's style, major themes, conventions, characterization, and narrative elements are used by studios, critics, and audiences via .

An exploitation film is a film that attempts to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid schwenkreis.comtation films are generally low-quality "B movies".They sometimes attract critical attention and cult of these films, such as Night of the Living Dead (), set trends and become historically important.

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The 20 Best Women in Prison Movies 10 July | Features, Film Lists | by James Leon As early as the s, Hollywood made women in prison films as melodramas with minimal action and means to portray the pathway to a righteous life with titles such as “Ladies They Talk About” and “Hold Your Man”.

Films set in a prison environment can come in a wide range of prison settings. These can include a general prison, a prison for Death Row inmates, a psychiatric prison, a detention camp, a youth offender’s institution or a prisoner of war camp, for example.

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