Sir john hawkins

Edit John Hawkins formed a syndicate of wealthy merchants to invest in trade, including that of slaves. Inhe set sail with three ships for the Caribbean via Sierra Leone. They hijacked a Portuguese slave ship and traded the slaves in the Caribbean. Despite having two ships seized by the Spanish authorities, he sold the slaves in Santo Domingo and thus demented the profit made by his London investors.

Sir john hawkins

He managed to avoid trial over this. But these were dangerous times; merchant ships trading in coastal waters around Europe had to be prepared to repel borders by force as pirates of many nations were active. Captured ships were called prizes the crew and passengers butchered, their possessions shared among the crew.

William commanded privateers to Brazil at least three times and then continued to develop the trade from home to his immense profit. He became infamous to the Spanish and Portuguese colonies where his violent piracy was feared. As elected Lord Mayor William seems to have benefited during the dissolution of the monasteries.

The friars that upheld Church Law against the King lost their property and valuables never mind lives in the following conflagration. The Lord Mayor was the most powerful person in a town at that time; not a ceremonial position but for instance he would be in charge of the city militia and responsible for the defences of the city.

William trod a fine line between legality and piracy. He was sent to prison at one point but this did not prevent him on release from more piracy. When William died his estate went to his two sons William and John.

Sir john hawkins

William Junior managed the business at home and John took control at sea. After marrying the daughter of the Treasury of the Navy, John formed a syndicate of wealthy London merchants to back a new venture trading against Spanish law with the Spanish Colonies in the Americas.

These colonies were very short of labour and John Hawkins aimed to take slaves by force in Africa and trade them for the produce of Spanish America. This would produce a double turnover in one voyage. A huge profit would be made. He sailed from Plymouth in with three ships. He violently kidnapped about four hundred Africans in Guinea and traded them in the West Indies for Elizabethan luxuries: He sailed again in from the Cattewater part of the estuary of the river Plym with four ships.

He violently enslaved around five hundred people in Guinea and traded them in the West Indies. His personal profit was huge and the Queen gave him a coat of arms.

It had a bound slave as the crest see below. John Hawkins was responsible for seven ships in two squadrons sailing to Guinea in Inafter a service in St Andrews Church attended by the men of his crews, he sailed to the West Indies via Guinea again.

After much bloodshed on the Guinea coast slaves were transported to the Caribbean. According to slavers accounts of the time this would probably have involved killing at least three times that number of people. William Hawkins Junior was Mayor elect of Plymouth in In this year there were believed to be 50 Huguenot privateers operating in the English Channel.

Sir john hawkins

Thirty of them were English. William had the biggest stake in the fleet and was virtually Pirate-in-chief.Sir John Hawkins (Plymouth, Devon Puerto Rico ): Comenzó su carrera en el comercio marítimo africano y pronto se convirtió en . Stand Up, Speak Out, Fight Back! “Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it.

Admiral Sir John Hawkins (also spelled as John Jawkyns) Plymouth - November 12, was an English ship builder, naval administrator and commander, merchant, navigator and slave trader.

John Hawkins, Sir John Hawkins. Interesting Facts- - John Hawkins was the older cousin of Francis Drake - pioneered the efforts to break Spain's hold in the Caribbean - His streamlining of ships contributed to England's defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Sir John Hawkins (author) (–), English music historian John Sidney Hawkins (baptised –), English antiquarian, son of the music historian John Hawkins (geologist) (–), English geologist and writer. My interest in seeing it again was stimulated by the recent movie "Denial." Like "Denial," QB VII is the story of an author in the British court system where the defendant author must prove innocence of the plaintiff's accusation.

Sir John Hawkins or Hawkyns () [Biography]