Psy 322 week 2

Lacking S cone- very rare- Tetrachromats Have better than normal vision Color agnosia Inability to perceive color. No awareness of color distinctions Color anomia Inability to label colors. Perceive the difference but do not know the labels.

Psy 322 week 2

It is geared to the field-based researcher and the practicing clinician, who must balance scientific value with the limitations inherent in clinical practice settings. This is not a comprehensive review, but rather a selective sampling of those instruments most likely to be useful in the above contexts.

The full text of this poster is available at www. Several issues must be considered in selecting instruments for assessing child trauma. Source of Information Generally, children are better at identifying their own internal states but worse at describing their own behavior.

Multiple sources of information are essential. Identified Trauma or Not The usefulness of scales specific to an identified trauma is limited to assessment of response to that event. Also, children may have PTSD-like responses possibly excepting hyper-arousal to non-criterion-A experiences, such as major loss, family breakup, or accumulated minor trauma see Greenwald, in press.

Psychometric Properties Reported validity should be specific to your population, including age, gender, reading level, cultural background, language, and traumatic stressor.

Since a perfect match is unlikely, use your judgment, extend related findings, and compensate with additional assessment strategies Newman, Convenience If you have money for interviewers and participant compensation, you can get a lot done. Behavior Change Trauma is often assumed to be the source of problem behaviors Greenwald, These behaviors should be tracked directly, in addition to reported PTS symptoms.

Sometimes existing data can be used, such as school attendance, grades, discipline referrals, or arrests. When you can relate changes in constructs such as PTS symptoms to changes in outcome such as better gradesyou are in a position to discuss theory as well as efficacy. Anxiety, Depression, Empathy, Dissociation, Anger Anxiety and depression are commonly measured in trauma studies, but show a much weaker effect than scales of post-traumatic symptoms.

Trauma studies must include PTS scales to ensure sensitivity. Anxiety and depression measures are generally well known and will not be further addressed here.

However, it may be possible to operationalize empathy, for example, by tracking the type and frequency of aggressive behaviors. This screener is a widely respected 30 item checklist with good psychometrics and reasonable ease of completion and scoring.

For example, the Anger Response Inventory ARI; Tangney is a very well-designed, thorough, situation-specific measure with child and adolescent forms, which takes about 25 minutes to complete and would thus be most appropriate for resource-rich research projects.

The State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory STAXI; Spielberger, has some difficult language but is reasonably useful with adolescents as long as someone is available to help with a word here and there. Administration - 5 minutes; Scoring - 1 minute Languages: The 16 items cover a broad range of potential trauma and loss events and ask for an estimate of emotional impact at both the time of occurrence and the present.

This is the only one-pager I know of. Note that although the language is simple and clear, the format can be a bit confusing for some people. The measures were designed for screening, but for research purposes various scoring systems have been tried.

None has been firmly established, but one simple strategy is to sum the number of items that have been endorsed.Study Flashcards On Psy Week 2 Consumer Traits And Behaviors Paper And Presentation References at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!


In this pack of PSY Week 1 Discussion Question 2 you will find the next information: The brain functions do not all develop at the same time or at the same rate for all children. A child may show advanced development in one area and be delayed in another.

PSY Syllabus – p. 2 Course Assignments: 1) Content Exams – Three content exams will be administered.I will take the best two out of the three exams. Content exams are worth 20% each (or 40% total). PSY Week 2 Individual Assignment Marketing Communication Memo Write a 1, to 1, word MEMO – NOT an academic research paper – detailing a marketing plan that uses psychographics to increase the customer base of one of the following companies.

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Psy 322 week 2

First Six Courses are Pre-Requisites. PSY – General Psychology: This course is (3) three credit hours, is a prerequisite for nursing.. BIO – Anatomy and Physiology I: Includes one minute laboratory per week this course is (4) four credit hours, and is a prerequisite for nursing..

BIO – Anatomy and Physiology II: Includes one minute laboratory per.

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