Physical environment

As mentioned earlier the number of centers in your class is dependent on the program philosophy, available space, and number of children. Before setting up the learning centers take a survey of the permanent fixtures in your classroom because you will have to work around these limitations.

Physical environment

Physical Environment Desired Outcomes The natural and built environment in which people live is clean, healthy, and beautiful. All people are able to access natural areas and public spaces.

The Physical Environment: Table of Contents

Introduction The physical environment includes land, air, water, plants and animals, buildings and other infrastructure, and all of the natural resources that provide our basic needs and opportunities for social and economic development. Other environmental factors such as noise pollution can cause both physical harm and psychological stress.

For many people, access to an attractive physical environment contributes greatly to their contentedness with life. A healthy environment also provides recreational opportunities, allowing people to take part in activities they value.

Harm to the environment can reduce quality of life not only for people living today but also for many years in the future. Indicators Two indicators are used in this chapter. Both measure important aspects of the environment that have a direct impact on individual wellbeing. These indicators provide an insight into both current and future wellbeing.

They relate to the health, cleanliness and beauty of the environment. Clean air and good quality drinking water are both necessities of life. The first indicator measures the level of suspended particles less than 10 microns in diameter in the air at certain sites. Particles of this sort are a key pollutant emitted by motor vehicles, wood fires, and industrial emmissions.

Prolonged exposure at moderate levels can lead to increased mortality, 54 aggravation of existing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, hospital admissions and emergency department visits, school absences, lost work days and restricted activity days. The second indicator measures the percentage of the population receiving drinking water that complies with the drinking water standards.

Poor quality drinking water can create health risks from water-borne disease and contaminants. It is also likely to correlate with poor quality in other basic infrastructure such as sewerage and electricity supply. Back to Top Air quality Definition: PM10 is particle matter that is less than 10 microns in diameter.

Good air quality is an important component in maintaining our quality of life, the appeal of New Zealand as a tourist destination, and the health of people, plants and animals. PM10 is one of the main contaminants of concern in New Zealand as it affects so many people and has many health effects.

Health effects associated with this contaminant include increased mortality, 55 aggravation of existing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, hospital admissions and emergency department visits, school absences, lost work days and restricted activity days. Current Level and Trends Average annual PM10 levels in the air were above the recommended threshold in Christchurch for all years between and Hamilton also exceeded the recommended threshold in andbut by a smaller amount.

Christchurch had particularly poor results, with PM10 levels half again the level of the recommended threshold in all monitored years except for The other major centres were closer to the guideline, with Wellington recording PM10 levels just on the threshold.

Dunedin and Auckland consistently recorded levels of air particles below the recommended threshold. Part of the difference between Dunedin and Auckland on one hand, and the other cities, may be related to the way in which PM10 levels were measured in different cities.

Poor air quality in New Zealand is often associated with urban areas where vehicle and domestic emissions of PM10 are a major contributor to air pollution.

Industrial and agriculture emissions are also sources of PM10, as are dust pollens and sea spray which are natural sources of particles. Ministry for the Environment Note: It is not possible to compare PM10 levels between New Zealand and other countries at the moment, but New Zealand emits below the average OECD level for carbon monoxide on a per capita basis.

Back to Top Drinking water quality Definition: The percentage of the surveyed population who receive drinking water that complies with the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand relating to E.

Physical environment

About 85 percent of the New Zealand population drink water from community supplies. Maintaining good drinking water quality is critical for human health and quality of life outcomes. The health risk to consumers from water-borne disease in drinking water supplies comes from two main types of microbiological organisms: Coliand parasites such as Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

Improvements in this indicator ensure that less of the population is at risk of water-borne disease and other contaminants. Current Level and Trends The majority of New Zealanders are supplied with community drinking water that is free of micro-organisms.

Physical Environment | Definition of Physical Environment by Merriam-Webster

The proportion of New Zealanders whose drinking water, measured at the tap, complies with the drinking water standards regarding E.Standard 2: Curriculum.

The program implements a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for children and promotes learning and development in each of the following areas: social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. The aim of Quality Area 3 under the National Quality Standard is to ensure that the physical environment is safe, suitable and provides a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.

Classroom Organization: The Physical Environment By Linda Shalaway Achieve a warm, well-run classroom with these tips to create a physical layout that . In recent years, the effects of the physical environment on the healing process and well-being have proved to be increasingly relevant for patients and their families (PF) as well as for healthcare staff.

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