Need based scholarship essay isb

Candidates have to submit an essay and proof of income to be eligible for the need-based waiver nbsp; Getting started with your ISB Application? Here 39;s what you need to Scholarships:

Need based scholarship essay isb

In the second part of this continued article, we discuss recommendations and scholarships, two aspects of the ISB application that are very important for potential candidates.

A recommendation is a personal, privileged statement. It is supposed to be a fair and honest assessment of your abilities sent by your recommender, unseen by you, to the Admissions Committee.

If you think this way too, then beware.

As a former member of the ISB Admissions Committee, I can tell you that the school scrutinizes recommendations on various fronts. If there is at all a doubt about the integrity of your application, it can mean a permanent rejection, no further questions asked.

Therefore, make sure that the recommendation is an honest one. If the answer is yes, provide just the facts. Next, who should you ask for a recommendation?

Need based scholarship essay isb

Make sure that the person is professionally and not personally related, is superior to you in the professional hierarchy, and is someone you have personally worked with. While it is okay to get recommendations from clients, it is preferable to get them from someone who has known you over a longer professional span — this will usually be your manager.

Former managers are fine as well, provided your association with them does not go too far back getting a recommendation from someone who was your manager five years ago will not make too much of an impact.

Further, why is the recommendation important? It is important because it talks about your abilities from a professional perspective. It is a confirmation or rejection! Just like a strong recommendation can bolster your application, an ambivalent one can weaken it.

Finally, when should you ask for a recommendation? We advise that you give your recommenders at least three weeks to prepare the recommendation and send it across. Scholarships — merit or need based? A common doubt that applicants have when applying to ISB is whether applying for a scholarship affects their chances for admission in any way.

They are apprehensive that the school would give them admission only if they do not ask for a scholarship but may reject them if a scholarship is sought.

Let me put these doubts to rest — the scholarship decision made by the school is independent of the admission decision.

Therefore applying for a scholarship does not affect your chances of getting admitted! Scholarships are awarded on two criteria — merit or need.

If you are applying for the scholarship on a need basis, then clearly bring out reasons related to family income and financial responsibilities. However, do not forget to also express your abilities — remember, you will not get a scholarship just because of the financial criteria but because the Admissions Committee sees you as an individual with great potential, who deserves admission based on merit and financial help as a facilitation to study at an institute which has high fees.

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Need based scholarship essay isb
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