My amazing story

For decades neither knew of the other's existence until Ian McEwan met the brother given away as an illegitimate child at a railway station in

My amazing story

This post will be apart of my new mini series. I was born on June 22nd in St. My birth was unexpected to my family and to top it off I was 4 months early. My birth weight came out to be around 1. I came out fully developed, and it was something that the doctors at that hospital had never witnessed.

Them not being able to take me home was hard because they felt like they missed out.

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However, the nurses that took care of me were amazing!! They told my parents so many stories of what I had did that day and how I was doing.

The one story that always stands out to me is about how I pulled out my feeding tube. The nurses told my parents when they came to visit that I had pulled out my feeding tube. After pulling the tube out I was able to be bottle feed.

I had barely gained enough weight to go home but I had the strength to pull my feeding tube out.

My amazing story

I barely remember being in the hospital let alone pulling the tube out. I wanted to write this in hopes that it would give moms out there the encouragement and hope to be strong and stay positive. It drove me crazy to the point where a lot of the times I had no sense of direction in my life.

I have been working on my finding your purpose course.

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This course is designed to help those who have struggled, just like me, on finding their purpose. If you are interested in keeping up with the launch date, click the link here.

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Jan 01,  · My Amazing Birth Story On September 6 th my birth story began after a wonderful pregnancy. I wanted to share my birth story for some time, but needed to wait until I felt comfortable and time to figure out this new role of motherhood. The plot and the flow of the story is well written and directed.

Although, I did guess who was the bad guy way early in the drama, I don't think it is the writers fault. Oh, and music was good too! I think I will go looking for OST ;) And I'm even interested to read My amazing /10(4K). Amazing Stories is a fantasy, horror, and science fiction television anthology series created by Steven Spielberg.

It originally ran on NBC in the United States from to The series was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards and won five. Amazing Stories is a fantasy, horror, and science fiction television anthology series created by Steven Spielberg. The science fiction film Batteries Not Included was originally intended as a story for Amazing Stories, but Spielberg liked the idea so much that he decided to make it a theatrical release.

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