Meet my new assistant essay

Research Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions Essays should be a maximum of 1, words and a maximum of four pages. Do not exceed either 1, words or four pages. Essays should be double-spaced, in point font or equivalent size with standard margins.

Meet my new assistant essay

When you set out to meet the minimum requirements of a job opportunity that interests you, think of the cover letter as a focusing tool for your resume -- a means to speak directly to the hiring manager about how you are a clear fit for the role.

Career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine values cover letters as superior positioning tools. They allow job candidates to meet the minimum requirements of a job opportunity in a highly personalized manner. Print out the job description. Read through the section of the job description entitled Desired Skills and Experience or Requirements to locate the minimum requirements for the job.

Highlight the key words and phrases included in this section. Examples may include specific software knowledge, experience managing teams, ability to adapt to emerging technologies, grace under pressure or excellent communication skills.

These key words and phrases represent the minimum requirements you need to meet to progress to the interview stage. Choose the three or four key words and phrases that best describe your experience or skills.

Match the key words, phrases or attributes you chose with your professional experiences and talk about each one in a separate paragraph or bullet point in the body of the cover letter.

For example, if you successfully adapted to the introduction of new technologies or software in your previous role, discuss that experience in its own separate paragraph or bullet point. Complete the cover letter by stating your confidence in your ability to meet the needs of the role and express your enthusiasm for the position.

Things Needed Highlighter Tip When you set out to meet the minimum requirements of the position, tailor each cover letter to the specific job description. The cover letter is your opportunity to outshine them. Warning Avoid sending the cover letter and resume the moment you complete it.

Meet my new assistant essay

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Meet my new assistant essay

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