Measuring customer service of pre transaction transaction and post transaction

Components Of Customer Service Introduction Good customer service stretches from before the customer purchases the product to after the purchase transaction has been completed.

Measuring customer service of pre transaction transaction and post transaction

Customer Service Using key performance indicators KPIs tied to customer service metrics helps logistics providers benchmark their value to shippers.

Delivering highly anticipated video games and movie releases to stores three days prior to their street date is practically a law in the entertainment industry. So when Camarillo, Calif. Technicolor Global Logistics works hard to deliver that level of service, says Elaine Singleton, the company's vice president of supply chain.

Every company knows customer service is important; but it is seldom well-defined, and even more rarely measured in logistics operations. Many logistics service providers tout their customer service excellence, and shippers give equal voice to the importance of customer service, particularly when the vendor relationship is more than transactional.

But it is often easier to spot a customer service failure than to define excellence. Many providers cite standard key performance indicators KPIs such as on-time delivery and order fill rate as proof of their customer service prowess. Others, however, insist customer service falls into its own category, and deserves its own standards of measurement.

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Timely delivery of those KPIs equates to good customer service. At this level, competently executing services such as warehousing and transportation procurement is expected.

Service providers stand out by adding value, and customer service is a substantial part of the equation. Its growing importance means customer service must be made more measurable—as the adage goes, you can't manage what you can't measure.

In addition to being a soft benefit that defies a uniform definition, it is also relatively unexamined. Most shippers serve end customers via the supply chain, so any definition of a satisfactory experience has to start with those end customers' expectations.

Any definition of good customer service is incomplete if it is not based on customer views.

Another challenge is making aspects of customer service measurable. Not every quality lends itself to a numerical scale—honesty, for example. That's my greatest customer service need," says Mary Barker, office manager and logistics supervisor for Fixture Finders.

Then there's the issue of leveraging the cost of good service. Service providers such as 3PLs must invest in people, processes, and technology to deliver high-quality service, but not all shippers are willing to pay for that. So the provider must develop strategies to serve each shipper at its desired level of service, without creating fragmented processes that result in inefficiency.

A carrier might exclude deliveries missed due to emergency construction, for example, while a consignee stills counts that shipment as late.There are other two transactions too. 1)Transaction elements 2)Post Transaction elements 1) Transaction elements: In transition element it becomes crucial to create ease environment so, that for consumer,buying won't become difficult.

2)Post Transaction elements After transaction too, consumer should should get the service on time without any delay. This phase pre-transaction which is more related to policy for defining the service level and related activities in qualitative and quantitative terms.

It is a non-routine activity. It gives the guidelines to the operating people regarding the dimensions and limitations of customer service activities of the firm. Transaction and post-transaction service quality is considered crucial to overall loyalty (Reibstein, ), while in the case of online travel services, satisfaction with pre-transaction services will be important, as it leads to return and favorable word-of-mouth behavior.

Post transaction elements; Pre -transaction elements. Do we measure customer satisfaction with our response? Create the Right Service Philosophy. Service quality beings with employees.

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Every individual who works for a service organization must understand the values, beliefs and overriding objectives of the organization. Hence, customer service depends on the phase of the transaction it is passing through.

There are three phases associated with the exchange process.

Measuring customer service of pre transaction transaction and post transaction

The degree of importance of each phase varies with the organization and depends on the product and customer requirements to .

3d - Explain the importance of measuring customer satisfaction 3e - List the customer service elements in the pre-transaction, transaction, and post-transaction phases 3f - provide an example of how a company might segment its customers.

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