How to prevent from dengue

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How to prevent from dengue

Dengue fever is a common mosquito-borne illness in many tropical and subtropical countries. One study estimated that 50 million infections occur every year. Symptoms can be mild and include: Most cases of the dengue virus are caused when a mosquito bites someone, but you can get the virus if you are exposed to infected blood.

Dengue virus rarely causes death.

How to prevent from dengue

However, the infection can progress into a more serious condition known as severe dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever include: What Causes Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever?

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Dengue hemorrhagic fever can occur when someone is bitten by a mosquito or exposed to blood infected with the dengue virus. Infected mosquitoes are the most common causes. There are four different types of the dengue virus. Once you are infected with one of the viruses, you develop immunity to that virus for the rest of your life.

How to prevent from dengue

However, this immunity will not protect you from the other viruses. It is possible to be infected with all four different types of the dengue virus in your lifetime.

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Repeated exposure to the dengue virus can make it more likely that you will develop dengue hemorrhagic fever. Living in or traveling to Southeast Asia, South and Central America, sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of the Caribbean can increase your risk of contracting the dengue virus.

Other people at higher risk include:The viruses that causes dengue fever and Zika are carried by the Aedes the bite of an infective Aedes mosquito spreads diseases, it is crucial to prevent its Aedes mosquito is easily identifiable by the distinctive black and white stripes on its body.

It prefers to breed in clean, stagnant water easily found in our homes. Also speaking on dengue, Dr Salisu Balarabe of the Department of Medicine, UDUTH, said it was found in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, predominantly in urban and semi-urban areas.

Signs and symptoms

Click on the lock icon right next to website address in your browser. Click on the lock icon right next to website address in your browser. Open preferences by clicking safari icon in toolbar. Dengue is a type of severe mosquito-borne viral fever.

Such fever outbreaks are common among the tropical countries, especially during and after the monsoons.

The dengue virus is transmitted into the body by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. Prevent Dengue Fever What is Dengue Fever? Dengue fever is an acute viral disease. P eople who have dengue fever may develop high fever for 3 to 5 days, severe headache, muscle and joint pain, pain behind the eye, nausea, vomiting and rash within 3 to 14 days after infection.

In severe cases, the patient may suffer from bleeding, shock, or. Mosquitoes have been described as the most dangerous animals in the world due to their role in spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikugunya and yellow fever.

Hundreds of millions of.

How To Diagnose and Prevent Dengue Fever