How and why the seriousness of school sports has decreased

Difficulty in walking or bearing weight When to see a doctor See a doctor if there is obvious deformity, if the pain and swelling don't get better with self-care, or if the pain and swelling gets worse over time. Also, see a doctor if the injury interferes with walking.

How and why the seriousness of school sports has decreased

But could it still work if it was prescribed and forced upon you, by doctor's orders, for example; or if part of a mandatory program, such as high school students or military, who are required to participate whether they like it or not? To find out, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder devised an animal study to determine whether rats that were forced to exercise would experience the same stress- and anxiety-reduction as those who were free to choose if and when to exercise.


The rats exercised either voluntarily or forcibly for six weeks, after which they were exposed to a stressor. The following day, their anxiety levels were tested by measuring how long they froze when placed in an environment they'd been conditioned to fear.

The longer the rats remained frozen, like "a deer in headlights," the greater the residual anxiety from the previous day's stressor. According to the lead author: The sedentary rats froze for longer periods of time than any of the active rats.

The implications are that humans who perceive exercise as being forced — perhaps including those who feel like they have to exercise for health reasons — are maybe still going to get the benefits in terms of reducing anxiety and depression. Findings such as the ones above, which demonstrate the significant benefits of lifestyle changes like exercise on your physical and mental health, become all the more important in light of mounting evidence showing that conventional drug treatment research has been sorely compromised by industry funding.

As discussed in a recent GreenMedInfo article,10 the alleged "groundbreaking" results of nearly nine out of 10 cancer studies cannot be reproduced by any means! The American Cancer Society reports that inmore than half a million Americans died from cancer, while more than 1.

Given the seriousness of these statistics and the necessity of evidence-based medicine, it would make sense to trust that honest, objective research is tirelessly trying to find the best cancer therapies out there.

First of all, nearly three-quarters of all retracted drug studies are due to falsification of data,11 meaning it's not even a matter of misinterpretation of data; rather the data used to draw conclusions are pure fiction.

Large numbers of patients can be affected when false findings are published, as the average lag time between publication of the study and the issuing of a retraction is 39 months.

And that's if it's ever caught at all. Last year, former drug company researcher Glenn Begley also showed that the vast majority of the "landmark" studies on cancer are unreliable — and a high proportion of those unreliable studies come from respectable university labs.

Begley looked at 53 papers in the world's top journals, and found that he and a team of scientists could NOT replicate 47 of the 53 published studies — all of which were considered important and valuable for the future of cancer treatments!

Part of the problem, they said, is that scientists often ignore negative findings in their results that might raise a warning. Instead, they opt for cherry-picking conclusions in an effort to put their research in a favorable light.

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The allegations appeared in the March 28 issue of the prestigious journal Nature. As we tried to reproduce these papers we became convinced you can't take anything at face value. This shows that the scientists, who published the tainted research, were all along, fully aware of the discrepancies of their articles and criminally conscious of the fact that they were misleading the medical and public opinion.

In light of the evidence supporting the notion that lifestyle changes, such as exercise, have a profound impact on human health and diseases of both mind and body, it would be foolish in the extreme to ignore such advice. Especially when you consider that the conventional drug paradigm is riddled with unreliable and outright fraudulent research — courtesy of the financial influence of the drug industry itself, which funds the vast majority of drug research.

Studies on exercise and other lifestyle changes however are less likely to be fraudulent simply because there's no money to be made by coming to the conclusion that exercise may be helpful — unless it was funded by a gym franchise, perhaps Whether you're trying to address your mental or physical health, I would strongly recommend you read up on my Peak Fitness programwhich includes high-intensity exercises that can reduce your exercise time while actually increasing your benefits.

Now, if you have cancer or any other chronic disease, you will of course need to tailor your exercise routine to your individual circumstances, taking into account your fitness level and current health. Often, you will be able to take part in a regular exercise program -- one that involves a variety of exercises like strength trainingcore-building, stretching, aerobic and anaerobic -- with very little changes necessary.

However, at times you may find you need to exercise at a lower intensity, or for shorter durations. Always listen to your body and if you feel you need a break, take time to rest.

But even exercising for just a few minutes a day is better than not exercising at all, and you'll likely find that your stamina increases and you're able to complete more challenging workouts with each passing day. In the event you are suffering from a very weakened immune system, you may want to exercise at home instead of visiting a public gym.

How and why the seriousness of school sports has decreased

But remember that exercise will ultimately help to boost your immune system, so it's very important to continue with your program, even if you suffer from chronic illness or cancer.Jan 28,  · An N.F.L. pamphlet given to all players, emphasizing the seriousness of concussions and the procedures regarding them, says that “current research with professional athletes” has not shown.

One study by Betsey Stevenson, then at the University of Pennsylvania, found that, in a given state, increases in the number of girls playing high-school sports have historically generated higher college-attendance and employment rates among women.

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Participate in high-impact sports. The stresses, direct blows and twisting injuries that occur in sports such as basketball, football, gymnastics, tennis and soccer are causes of foot and ankle fractures.

Jun 15,  · The decrease in youth sports participation and correlating rise in inactivity in children is alarming both from a health perspective and for the continuation of sports generally.

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High school sports also formed a bond among students, both athletes and spectators, and helped give the local community an identity. Further, as educators in the s began to impose academic minimums for athletic participation, sports became a motivator for better performance in the classrooms.

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