Gatsby and the pink suit essay

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Gatsby and the pink suit essay

Gatsby and the pink suit essay

Hire Writer As a result of his determination James Gatz: It seems Gatsby initially believes if he leads a virtuous life, as depicted by his vigorous timetable, he can succeed in achieving his aspirations.

By deliberately echoing the well know text Fitzgerald encourages us to infer similarities between them. Furthermore Gatsby already shows signs of battling against the hurdles his class brings him: This may suggest that from the beginning it will be an uphill struggle for Gatsby to achieve his dream.

To Gatsby he embodied the American Dream, being a representative all of that could be achieved. However it is significant that Cody remained an outsider. This perhaps enables us to infer a little of the wealth of a man able to afford an abode of such a scale and in such a location.

Here the extended use of possessive pronoun draws attention to how much he owns. The mass of staff he employs: Owning a Rolls Royce is in its own right evidence enough to prove the degree of his wealth.

In the s they would have been a status symbol in higher proportions than today as it would have had to be shipped over to America. However the fact that he is not precious about its use, has the effect of highlighting he is so rich that it does not matter.

However at this point in the novel we perhaps realize that although Gatsby undoubtedly has the material wealth he desires, he perhaps lacks the class and status of a true gentleman. We wonder as to whether a man of class would wear such flamboyant attire and in doing so we question how far Gatsby has achieved the American Dream.

Undoubtedly Gatsby has not spiritually succeeded in achieving his dream until he has gained her love. As a penniless young boy, who dreams of wealth and fortunes she symbolizes his achievement of this dream.

This is suggested as in describing her beauty it is inextricably bound up with her wealth: Some may even say he is in awe of her affluence, mesmerised by it. Furthermore we see the same adoration for her home: This suggests Daisy is not viewed as a person by Gatsby; she is a commodity he strives to possess.

His motivation for becoming rich becomes an attempt to impress her because to attain her love would be to have become the man he has always dreamed of being.

This is evident when she visits his home: We can perhaps infer from this comment Gatsby is almost reassessing his views in order to concord with the image of the type of man she would desire.

The idealized perfection that Gatsby instills in Daisy she perhaps neither deserves nor possesses. Gatsby cannot have Daisy in part as it is not Daisy he wants; rather, it is his representation of her.

He has totally fantasized about what will happen and expects more from Daisy than what she can realistically give: She will never leave Tom and their baby, as she is too indecisive.A summary of Chapter 7 in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

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Pink is the color of dreamers. Thus, when Gatsby and Daisy are about to announce their love to Tom, Gatsby wears his pink suit. He is the "hopeful, hapless dreamer in the pink suit" (Tanner xxvi). Essay Symbols and Symbolism in The Great Gatsby. We understand how important this great Gatsby pink suit for you as a die-hard fan and this is why we design this screen accurate suit worn by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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