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We have an obligation to m a k e available to t h e m the living conditions t h a t our initiative a n d our capacity to produce can provide for all our people. Attention is called to the fact that this is to be considered as a summary of the issuance of the Veterans' Administration of October 20,and does not constitute an interpretation thereof.

Bill" is to assist veterans of this war in the purchase or construction of homes, the purchase of farms, farm equipment, or business property by providing a means whereby they may obtain loans up to percent.

Also, to provide for loans to veterans for the purpose of making repairs, alterations, or improvements in, or paying delinquent indebtedness, taxes, or special assessments on, residential property owned by the veteran and used by him as his home. To assure that funds may be available the Congress has authorized the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs to make guaranties of such loans.

Definition of Terms The term "'home" is defined as meaning any dwelling En1320 graded assignments 111313 not more than four family units or any combination dwelling and business property, the primary use of which is occupation by the veteran as his home.

Interests in realty which may be used as security include long-term leases. Louis ment, or other type of security instrument commonly used.

Guaranties Guaranteed loans under these regulations may be made for the purchase of residential property or construction of a dwelling on unimproved property owned by the veteran to be occupied by him as his home.

In these cases the purchase price or the construction cost, plus the value of the lot, must not exceed the reasonable normal value of the entire property as determined by proper appraisal. In addition, loans may be guaranteed which are for the purpose of making repairs, alterations, or improvements in, or paying delinquent indebtedness, taxes, or special assessments on, residential property owned by the veteran and used by him as his home.

These loans may be guaranteed even though there are in existence prior liens on the security property. In all other cases where security is taken, a guaranteed loan must be a first lien except that where a Federal agency has made, guaranteed, or insured the primary loan, a secondary loan on the same property may be guaranteed by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs.

The loan may be a term loan if the amount thereof, plus all prior liens, does not exceed two-thirds of the value of the security property and the maturity is not greater than five years. Other loans are to be amortized within a period of twenty years with periodical payments at monthly or other intervals, but not less frequently than annually.

Under the Act, the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs is to pay the interest for the first year and the veteran may have his payments reduced during the first year by this amount.


All amortized loans are to contain appropriate provision for prepayment at any time of 35 the entire unpaid balance or any part thereof.

A term payment at any time of the entire unpaid balance or any part thereof may be prepaid upon not less thau one month's notice. Loan charges in accordance with local custom may be included in the loan, such as fees for appraisal, credit reports, abstract or title searches, attorneys' and recording fees, premiums on fire insurance and other hazard insurance, etc.

But such charges must be limited to the amount actually paid or incurred by the lender and may be charged to the borrower and withheld from the amount of the loan.

En1320 graded assignments 111313

No brokerage charge may be collected from the veteran for obtaining the guaranty. If the application for guaranty is denied, any expenses incurred by the lender or the borrower would be borne by them or either of them as they shall have agreed.

The rate of interest on the guaranteed loan may not exceed four percent per annum on the unpaid principal balance.

En1320 graded assignments 111313

Secondary loans are further limited to not more than one percent per annum in excess of the principal loan. Methods or Application Under the regulations, the veteran may make an application for a loan to his local savings and loan association or to any individual or lending agency he may prefer.

The lender is to ascertain from the nearest office of the Veterans' Administration whether the proposed borrower is eligible, and if eligible, the Administrator will supply the name and address of an approved appraiser to be used in the course of processing the application.

If the lender is willing to make the loan, it will submit the application together with the credit and appraisal reports, the proposed loan closing statement, and information as to insurance, to an office of the Veterans' Administration, or to the office of a Federal instrumentality designated by the Administrator.

The designated agency including Veterans' Administration, if so designated will review the papers and forward them to the appropriate office of the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs with recommendation that the application be approved or disapproved.

The actual approval of the guaranty must in all cases be by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs, or his employee. Upon approval the guaranty certificate will be executed and forwarded to the lender with the other loan papers and with instructions as to closing the loan in a manner to make the guaranty effective.

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Louis approved, the papers other than the application will be returned to the lender with a statement of the reasons for disapproval. Upon receipt of the loan papers from the Administrator with notice of approval of guaranty, the lender will satisfy himself as to the title to the property to be encumbered, cause all loan instruments to be properly executed and duly witnessed, acknowledged, or proved, disburse all funds in substantial accord with the proposed loan closing statement submitted with the application, and file for recording the mortgage or other security instrument and any other instrument which is entitled to be recorded.

Thereafter the lender will prepare and forward to the Administrator on a prescribed form if available a report of the loan closing showing the disbursements of the loan upoa closing, and that the note and mortgage have been properly executed and the security instrument filed for recording.

The Veterans' Administration will not undertake to examine the title to property offered as security for a loan to be guaranteed, record the security instrument, arrange for insurance protection, or look after the payment of taxes.

As the sole responsibility for the proper performance of these functions is to be placed in the lender, the guaranty will not cover any losses sustained by the lender as a result of acceptance of the mortgage on property the title to which is not merchantable according to customary practices in the community; failure of the lender to procure a duly recorded lien as required by the regulations; failure of the lender to provide adequate insurance protection in accordance with the regulations; or his failure to prevent loss of property through tax sale resulting from non-payment of taxes accruing against the property after the date of the mortgage, if the mortgagee does not give at least one month's prior notice to the Administrator of such sale.

Penalty Provisions If the veteran fails to make any payment or perform any covenant or obligation under the note and mortgage, and the default on an amortized loan continues for three months one month on a term loanthe lender may elect to file its claim under the guaranty and give notice thereof to the Administrator.

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