Desh drohi business plan

Please log in to subscribe to cybernepali's postings. The agreement requires each country to encourage and create favourable conditions for investors of the other country to make investments in its territory and to admit investments in accordance with its laws. Nepal will now have to treat Indian companies at par with the national ones.

Desh drohi business plan

My answer was a simple no. The question from her was not merely curiosity. AB Vajpayee tried that route in and failed. Is there some evil curse in that model?

Is that model funded by the Gambino family? Is that model importing sand from Africa and Arabia to fill the deserts of Kutch? Does the Narmada water in Sabarmati flow only under some bridges and not all?

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When our media morons refer to the Gujarat model they are asking a similar question. You see, there is no such thing as the Bush doctrine. The Gujarat model is something similar.

desh drohi business plan

It has not even been defined in any manner whatsoever by anyone. Can Narendra Modi succeed without appeasing Muslims? As simple as that! Now, if the Gujarat model is being referred to so frequently, what exactly are its elements? Now, why should such a model not work anywhere in the world, let alone India?

How far the model is successful is determined by the electorate, as they have done over and over again in Gujarat. And that he must also give free TVs, washing machines, laptops and tablets to succeed at the centre.

Laugh till you drop! What worries them is that the Gujarat model also does not include appeasement of their mafia. It does not include huge doles in many forms that our media currently gets from the centre.

It may also not include frivolous awards and honours. Modi may not celebrate the births and deaths of all his ancestors with full page ads and TV ads.This is a plan set by the RSS and the three musketeers i.e.

Modi, Amit Shah and Jaitley. But what has this cost the country? Modi promised a change but the Indian citizen has been made to run around for change (small denomination currency).

Apr 09,  · the very fact that indira gandhi nationalised the indian banks show that she was a desh bhakt -- for which she paid with her life. sikhs were just pawns in this chess game.


after rajiv gandhi was eliminated -- india went back to the rothschild side again. What is your role in Dekh Bhai Dekh?

desh drohi business plan

I play a small town girl called Babli who is a sweet and bubbly girl in the film Dekh Bhai Dekh. What I like best about the film is that my role has grey shades.

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Jul 06,  · i am surprised that our government tolerates, feeds, nurtures, such traitors and desh-drohi elements in india, with hard eared money of patriot indian tax-payers.


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