Delivery disaster at dominos pizza c ase study

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Delivery disaster at dominos pizza c ase study

The CDC Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDomino's Pizza, and most recently Toyota, have all undergone massive challenges in the last year and have all used social media tools as key components in their crisis management strategy.

We're all watching social media evolve, and while it's come a long way and we read success stories every day, social media as an effective marketing channel is still in its adolescence. Most large corporations are just taking their first steps and starting to broaden their communication strategy to include social media efforts, while other companies are faced with an urgency to get out there and get out there quickly.

Faced with a crisis, many large corporations, and even the government, have found social media tools to be the perfect way to connect with their audience and communicate quickly and regularly. The "Swine Flu" pandemic quickly became top of everyone's mind as buzz built and concern spread in the media, social networks, and blogosphere.

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Unlike a specific brand scenario, say that of a soft drink or brand of aspirin, this crisis involved everyone. The CDC responded with a full arsenal of social media communications strategies and tactics. It was critical that the CDC moved quickly and led the conversation. While its response was quick, the public had been quicker.

In time zones across the globe, concerned communities had already started to talk. The CDC began by giving the public the information they needed to make sense of all the noise.

By equipping the public with clear and consistent information, it started an approach that remained consistent throughout -- engage, empower, and equip every concerned individual with the tools necessary to share the right message, speak on behalf of the CDC, and help calm the masses.

Domino's Pizza Turnaround Case Study - Dennis Paper & Food Service

By giving the public the tools and information to get their facts straight, everyone could be on the same page, and useful education and prevention measures could be communicated. The next step was truly masterful. The CDC wielded social media tools like a maestro waves his baton, and instead of musicians being conducted, it was Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, YouTube, mobile, email updates, e-cards, e-games, podcasts, widgets, and even a dedicated online channel called CDC TV -- all playing together to harmoniously convey the CDC's message to the public.

The CDC raised the bar for how to incorporate social media tools into corporate crisis management plans. But there was one thing it did particularly well: It quickly recognized the target was global and that it literally had to target everyone.

Recognizing the difficulty in reaching everyone individually, the CDC focused on taking the right message to the masses and then giving them the tools they would need to easily take the right message to their individual communities.

It correctly leveraged the very nature of social media for the good of all people. The CDC Don't be afraid to break out the arsenal.

Utilize the breadth of social media options to increase touch points. The CDC pulled out all the stops and activated an army of social media tools to educate, comfort, and direct the masses. Much of the content worked seamlessly across various communication vehicles, while some pieces worked better through specific delivery methods.

Delivery disaster at dominos pizza c ase study

The breadth and depth of the CDC social media response shows it was well informed, engaged, and knew what to do. Empower your community to work on your behalf. Empowering a community requires you to equip them as well.

Give them more than the message; give them the tools to allow them to share that message easily. The CDC designed and built tools and delivered them with instructions on how to embed certain widgets onto a website.

By doing this, the CDC leveraged the promise of social media and a global network of communities. Videos of two Domino's employees in Conover, N. Within just two days, the videos had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, and discussions regarding the videos represented top search results for "Domino's.

The company initially hoped the situation would quiet down on its own, but quickly saw comments and viewings increase and, to its credit, kept a close eye on the situation.

By Wednesday afternoon, Domino's had created a Twitter account to address the comments and posted a video of its own on YouTube with a personal message from the company CEO. It took Domino's 50 years to build a trusted brand, and within the span of a few days, because the crisis was broadcast to the masses via social media, consumer trust was jeopardized, and the brand was quickly tarnished.

The Domino's you see today is not the same Domino's you saw a year ago. It matured quickly in the social media space because of last year's events and now uses social media tools to aggressively define and defend the brand.

That more aggressive approach has also found its way into TV spots and traditional advertising. Thrown into the deep end of the social media pool, it came out with confidence and a powerful new stroke.A local power outage can create a domino effect that takes your entire system offline. Burns added that having a business continuity or disaster recovery plan can increase protection of your business.

Burns also emphasized that QTS conducts internal and external audits to ensure their security system is strong. Free pizzas with NFPA Fire Prevention Week Published: 09 August, Domino’s Pizza is teaming up with fire departments to help spread the message about home fire safety.

Drone delivery of your pizza: A Dominos case study First commercial delivery of food by Domino’s How can we further tap into the potential of drones to offer safer and faster food deliveries to customers.

Fridge magnet lets users order pizza at touch of a button - Digital marketing news and research from Digital Strategy Consulting - A Dubai-based pizza firm has created a fridge magnet device that lets users order pizza at the touch of a button. Created by restaurant Red Tomato Pizza, the device works by syncing up with the user’s smartphone.

May 02,  · In a March study of Texas Schools, teacher salaries were shown to have a modest impact on teacher mobility and upon student performance. The authors of the study found that teacher mobility was more affected by the characteristics of the students, including income, achievement and .

Drone Delivery is About to Revolutionize the Supply Chain Industry

Around the world, luxury hotels have implemented delivery droids to boost their hospitality capabilities. For example, hotel droids are able to bring necessities like extra towels, soaps, and even room service meals.

In Australia, Domino’s Pizza introduced its own robot to deliver pizzas quickly to customers, avoiding traffic and parking.

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