Darkness in lord of the flies and julius ceasar

But every time I pause, I still think of you. Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Darkness in lord of the flies and julius ceasar

Xena and Borias traveled north to Siberia. They decided that they wanted to defeat the Centaurswhich would get them out of the way while they conquered Greece. They realized this would be hard, and decided to try and ally with the Amazons to help them.

An ex-Amazon turned Shamaness, named Alticaught wind of what they were attempting to do and confronted them, offering them her help in defeating the Amazons, being one herself previously.

She claimed that she was kicked out of her tribe as she was too powerful for them. She then told Xena that she was with child, something she already knew — but Borias did not. Xena immediately noticed her power although was clearly not aware of her true potential and she invited her into the camp.

Borias tried to warn her that she would be trouble, but Xena's lust for power made her not care, much like it did in Chin.

Darkness in lord of the flies and julius ceasar

Xena seemed to grow close to Alti's apprentice and also ex-AmazonAnokinwho later died during a raid on a village. Alti promises Xena the title of "Destroyer of Nations" if she is to help her, in " Adventures in the Sin Trade " Alti told Xena that she could see Anokin again if she wished.

She told Xena that she didn't like her — it was her that poisoned Anokin's soul which ultimately led to her death. Alti told Xena that it is possible to take vengeance on the dead.

Alti makes a prediction stating that neither him nor Xena will name the child. Borias tells Alti that he has had enough of her and calls her a hag.

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Xena warns Borias of her powers and he continues to tell Xena that she has changed since she has known Alti.

Alti promises Xena great power and her infamous title of the Destroyer of Nations, if she helps Alti harness the power she needs. Hesitant at first, Xena warns Alti that Borias will be mad when he learns that they've killed his precious orphan girl.

Alti persuades her otherwise, reminding her that she hasn't been wrong with her predictions so far. Once again, Xena's lust for power gets the better of her and she advances onto the child, dagger in-hand. Borias catches Xena before she can strike. Xena sneaks into the Amazon camp and finds the Queen's hut, where Cyane is receiving a massage.

Xena spies on the Amazon Queen from the secrecy of the roof of the hut, when the roof suddenly gives way and almost falls on Cyane. Cyane's high ability of reflexes help her realise that the roof is about to fall and moves out of the way in time.

A naked Cyane uses her skill and quick hands to remove Xena's clothing and applying it to herself.

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Xena hastily wraps a cloth around herself and escapes from the hut. Despite still being partially crippled from Ceasar crucifying her, she moves quickly through the forest, evading the highly-skilled Queen. While Xena hobbles through the forest, Cyane glides through the trees like a primate.

She eventually catches Xena and attempts to kill her, before being stopped by Borias. When he tells her that Xena is with him, she questions his motives: She tells him that her instincts are telling her not to trust him and Xena, but he convinces her that he would never betray her trust.

Darkness in lord of the flies and julius ceasar

Once she lets Xena go, Borias tells her that it was stupid to try and assassinate Cyane, as it almost destroyed the shots at defeating the Amazons successfully. Xena reveals that she wants to gain her trust, as she wants to learn some of her moves and skills.

The two form a friendship, but not anything strong. She tells Xena that she should leave Boriasas he is trying to change. She warns her that if she stays with him, she will end up killing him. Cyane offers Xena into the Alti collects Cyane's blood after she had been killed by Xena, in " Adventures in the Sin Trade II " Amazon tribe, but she denies acceptance, claiming that it is not the sort of life for her.

Cyane then confirms that she and the Amazons had in fact, by that time, allied with Xena and Borias. Not long after that, Borias gave his orphan girl, Otereto the Amazons to raise. When Alti learnt that Xena had been offered into the Amazons, she was defiant towards Xena not joining, trying to convince her that she is more matched with her than with the Amazons.

She tried to convince Xena to side with her as opposed to the Amazons by explaining that she can give her great spiritual power to lead a fearsome army, strong enough to defeat Julius Caesar and even take Rome and Greece. She told her that she must first destroy the Amazons, but before Xena has a chance to decide, Cyane interrupts and takes part in a spiritual duel with Alti.

Cyane wins and cripples Alti, as she explains to Xena who is in awe of her that if she were to join the Amazons, she would find life, yet acting with Alti would lead to death.

The thought of power and was seemingly irresistible to Xena, as she sides with Alti and kills the entire Amazon tribe - including Cyane - once again causing Borias another lost chance at making an ally.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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