Daniel m final paper 1

At least 2 pp. One page should be your SSP framework outline and another page a narrative. Keep your evolving SSP outline in front of you as you write your final paper. Keep the Final Paper Assignment directions below in mind.

Daniel m final paper 1

God's Plan For Jerusalem: A Timeline Daniel prayed specifically for the holy city and God answered specifically a good principle whenever we pray - be specific - e. Open Thine eyes and see our desolations and the city which is called by Thy name God's glory is "at stake" ; "O Lord, hear!

O Lord, listen and take action! Five Prophetic Mountain Peaks in that it does not focus on the Gentiles or the church. Similar to their incorrect allegorical interpretation of your people, the same group of commentators e. This is why the wise Bible student holds fast to the maxim that context is always king in interpretation.

Nowhere is this maxim more important to apply than in the interpretation of Biblical prophecies.

Daniel m final paper 1

As stated earlier, if the plain sense of the passage makes good sense, don't try to make some other sense or it's potentially nonsense! By the time these years run their course, God will have accomplished all 6 predictions, and in fact all will be literally realized by Israel at the Second Coming of Messiah See Table comparing Rapture vs Second Coming when At this time Israel will be restored to the land a common phrase in the OT which most often refers to the "promised land" - but always check the context in fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham Ge Even in ruins, Jerusalem remains the city set apart in the heart of God cf.

Unlike the prophecies of Daniel 2, 7, and 8, which primarily related to the Gentiles, this chapter is specifically God's program for the people of Israel, as Daniel would obviously interpret it.

To make this equivalent to the church composed of both Jews and Gentiles is to read into the passage something foreign to the whole thinking of Daniel. The church as such has no relation to the city nor to the promises given specifically to Israel relating to their restoration and repossession of the land.

The first three of the six infinitives have to do with sin and the last three with righteousness.

Daniel m final paper 1

The Lord would "finish the transgression," that is, the transgression of the Jewish people, and "make an end of" Israel's national sins.

This was one of the main burdens of Daniel's prayer. Israel was a scattered suffering nation because she was a sinful nation. How would the Lord accomplish this? By making "reconciliation atonement for iniquity," that is, by offering a sacrifice that would atone for their sin. Here we come to the cross of Jesus Christ, Israel's Messiah.

Bible Exposition Commentary - Old Testament Note that although the six accomplishments listed in this verse are addressed primarily to Israel, clearly all of humanity will be radically impacted by the fulfillment, some to the eternal praise of the glory of God's grace and some to eternal punishment away from the presence of the Lord cp Mt Note that even after 70 years in captivity, the Jews had not repented and become obedient to Jehovah and the Mosaic Covenant.

Furthermore, MacArthur writes that this phrase Speaking in particular of the nation of Israel, but to be generally true of the entire world in the Millennial Kingdom. Jesus will rule with a rod of iron Ps 2: The seventy years exile in Babylon was a punishment, but not a full atonement, for the sin of the people Israel ; this would come only after seventy prophetic weeks, through Messiah.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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