Country risk report mexico

Recent performance figures have calmed nerves frayed by the election of Donald Trump. This was a remarkable figure, taking into account the surge in consumer prices due to the increase in gasoline prices and the delayed effect of the MXN depreciation in H2

Country risk report mexico

Inthe Turkish economy experienced a series of shocks, such as a failed coup attempt, sharp depreciation of the lira and severe external and domestic security issues. In order to counter negative spill overs of these shocks on the economy, the authorities introduced a series of stimulation packages in that have fuelled private consumption and investment.

However, the strong resulting growth performance has exacerbated existing imbalances, stirring double-digit inflation, a sharp devaluation of the Turkish lira, and a wider current account deficit. In Maythe central bank held an emergency meeting and hiked its late liquidity window interest rate by basis points to The pace of growth could also lose momentum due currency weakness, lower purchasing power trimmed by high inflation.

In earlythe government introduced a countercyclical measure in a bid to support economic activity. The size of the fund was raised to TRY billion. In the first four months Country risk report mexicoTurkish exports rose by 8. However, as exports are dependent on imported inputs, imports jumped by The coverage rate of imports by exports declined to Any additional weakness of the lira would increase both the debt burden and the costs of imported inputs for the manufacturing sector.

Further rate hikes by the central bank to counter the currency weakness and inflationary pressures would again add to borrowing costs. This scenario would deteriorate the cash flow situation of Turkish companies, which suffer from structural undercapitalisation.

Country risk report mexico

A cause of concern Fiscal policy has become more expansionary due to temporary tax cuts, expanded public services, and employment incentives. Off-balance sheet stimulus measures represent upside risks to debt levels if the government had to take on the liabilities mostly linked to the public guarantees given under the Public Private Partnership PPP projects.

Despite all of this, the public balance sheet currently remains healthy. Lower political uncertainty after the June election In AprilTurkey had presidential and parliamentary elections.

The country will now shift into the executive presidency system from the parliamentary system. Political noise has decreased since the elections. However there is a possibility for the local elections initially scheduled in March to be held earlier.

In this context, international investors will pay particular attention to the ability of the new Administration to maintain economic and financial stability.

A sharp depreciation of the lira due to a negative shift in investor sentiment would weigh heavily on corporate sector and extend payment terms, as the economy is dependent on imports and foreign funds. Such a situation would put under risk the financial stability and the sustainability of growth performance.

This is the case for promissory notes, a solution regularly used by smaller and medium-sized companies for commercial transactions. Similarly, post-dated cheques are another commonplace practice, as they serve as both a title of payment and a credit instrument.

Cheques circulate in the domestic market as negotiable instruments until their maturity date. The most recent law concerning cheques, which came into force in Decemberfocuses on the protection of the rights of cheque holders beneficiaries.

The law covers three categories of cheques — cheques for business users, cheques for consumers, and pre-printed bearer cheques — with the aim being to optimise tracking of cheques as a payment instrument and combat the underground economy.

Although banks are now required to exercise greater vigilance with regard to the profiles of their clients, the law also provides for large financial sanctions, which are payable by the drawer of the cheque in cases of non-payment.

If the fine is not paid, the punitive measure can be transformed into a prison sentence of up to 1, days. In such cases, neither settlement nor prepayment are executed. In addition, the drawer of a dishonoured cheque is subsequently banned from drawing cheques or opening cheque accounts for ten years, by order of the court an administrative, rather than a penal sanction.

For rapid and secure processing of bank transfers, the SWIFT electronic network is well-established in Turkish banking circles and constitutes the most commonly used instrument for international payments.

There are three separate procedures in Turkey for pursuing debt payments:Mexico Country Report: identify trade opportunities and country risks, review economic strengths and weaknesses, economic forecasts and analyses. Global Overview includes an overarching summary and key information from the year's report..

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