Can telling lies ever be justified essay

How important is discipline in your life? The creation or development of self-esteem is the motivation behind discipline, whether self-imposed or not.

Can telling lies ever be justified essay

Student Answers mcfox Student George killed Lennie in order to save him for a worse fate. George loves Lennie, there is no doubt about that. However, Lennie is a menace to the society. He might be sweet and child-like, but he is also unintentionally extremely destructive. George could not tolerate the idea of anyone being cruel to Lennie, so he ended his life at the precise moment he happiest--talking of their farm and their rabbits he would care for.

Yes, he was justified because it was the most merciful choice he could make. This fact makes the whole situation a lot more compliacted: Would George have let them catch Lennie there would have been no understanding about his mental limitations and he would have suffered a terrible fait - the fact that euthanasia is best in this case is sharply illustrated by the euthanasia of the dog who is not even a danger for anyone, it is just smelly.

The book introduces us to Lennie being a nice person and ofcourse you would like him with the insight we get, but how we would judge him in real life is possibly different.

And I don't believe it was planned, or premeditated, either.

Lying is a bad thing to do, most of the time. But are there cases in which lying is the right thing to do? When I briefly studied Kant in college, it made me furious because Kant says lying is always unacceptable and impermissible. Which means this would happen: Obviously, lying is sometimes okay. But it’s a slippery slope. The question of truth and lying pervades all that is said or left unsaid within our families, communities, and working relationships. In this study we will be answering the question: Is it ever right to lie? Can telling lies ever be justified? | | The old admonition to children, 'speak the truth and shame the devil', runs contrary to what is called the The Essay on People Lie Lies Feel Lying * Telling lies may become a habit and if a person regularly indulges in one form of wrong-doing they may well become more comfortable with wrong-doing.

He did it out of desperation. He wanted to help his best friend, the only person in this world who understood him, even if it meant losing a part of himself. I think George died in a sense after shooting Lennie. Part of him was gone as well. But I think if George felt there was any other option, he wouldn't have killed Lennie.

I think it was necessary for George to kill Lennie. People do forget that George is only human too. Yes, it was murder, but it was still necessary. THere would be no point of the story without it.

Milton insured him that he was not going to get in any trouble for the mistake he had made, though George knew he could face sever punishment. George did not mentally or physically abuse Lennie prior to his death.

He reminded Lennie about the struggles they had faced and how the full heartedly surpassed them. Or do they sound like the words of a true friend?

Milton remembered the pain that Cady went through when he let some stranger kill his best friend. Lennie died quickly and painlessly, opposed to the slow and cruel death that the ranch hands were seeking.

Yes, it was murder, and it was also sad, but if he would have let Lennie live Lennie would have just done something else in another town. I loved Lennie in this book, but the truth is in that fact Lennie was so mentally hanicapped there was nothing else George could have done.

Like Candy's dog, Lennie was no good for himself or anyone around him. I do not believe in murder, and yes, that's what George did, but in a way George didn't have a choice. George thought that it was better for himself to kill Lennie instead of others. It was more humane. George was the only person that understands and knew Lennie.

George thought that what he did was right. It amazes me how easily people are so easily influenced and brainwashed into submissive and dividing roles by concepts and ideas. When your friend is in trouble and needs help, you help him. You dont shoot him in the back of the head to get yourself out of a tough spot like a dispicable little coward.When ever I tell him about a possible job opening he will tell me that he doesn't know how he is going to get there to apply, because he can't walk more than a mile due to diabetes.

Using Functions in GP Essay - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Scribd est le . Can telling lies ever be justified? The old admonition to children, 'speak the truth and shame the devil', runs contrary to what is called the schoolboy's eleventh commandment; 'tell a lie, and stick to it'.

For example, the lie the Hebrew midwives tell Pharaoh seems to result in the Lord’s blessing on them (Exodus ), and it probably saved the lives of many Hebrew babies. Another example is Rahab’s lie to protect the Israelite spies in Joshua might they be justified in lying to acquire government funding for a worthwhile public works an essay on truth and story-telling in the works of Tim O’Brien; a series of to say that in a true war story nothing is ever absolutely true” (TTTC, 82).

Can telling lies ever be justified essay

O’Brien claims that. Can Lies Ever Be Justified. Can war ever be justified?War is an inevitable part of the history of humankind.

Can telling lies ever be justified essay

Unlike natural happenings, war is an action of people inflicted of other people. This issue has raised ethical problems, which are still problematic till today.

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