Business writing course seattle

We know for a fact that it is not something that is going to fade away.

Business writing course seattle

The Seattle Writing Workshop: This writing event is a wonderful opportunity to get intense instruction over the course of one day, pitch a literary agent or editor optionalget your questions answered, and more. Note that there are limited seats at the event total. All questions about the event regarding schedule, details and registration are answered below.

Thank you for your interest in the Seattle Writing Workshop! Writers of all genres are welcome.

Wednesday, August 1st

This event is designed to squeeze as much into one day of learning as possible. You can ask any questions you like during the classes, and get your specific concerns addressed. We will have literary agents onsite to give feedback and take pitches from writers, as well.

The final schedule of topics is subject to change, but here is the current layout: Check-in and registration business writing course seattle the event location. Book Marketing from Your Couch: Social Media Ambassador Room.

Social media can be confusing, but book marketing from the couch is easy once you learn how. Analyze your audience and ascertain the best social media vehicle to dominate. This workshop is a thorough crash course concerning craft, style and voice.


Learn techniques to change narrative into dialogue, and how to avoid bland conversations and turn them into conversations that leap off the page. This is a chance to get your first page read anonymously — no bylines given with attending agents commenting on what was liked or not liked about the submission.

This session is completely devoted to nonfiction book proposals. Science fiction and fantasy novels need a setting, and your setting needs to live and breathe and feel real. How do we do that? One way is to start is to ask one of the Three Big Ifs: Before you publish your work or query an agent, there are plenty of things you need to know.

business writing course seattle

This session delivers a fast-moving, informative way to take you to the next level of romance novel plotting. After you self-publish your work or get a traditional publishing book deal, there are plenty of things you need to know to give you and your books the best chance of success.

A workshop that explores a few techniques on how to get to know your characters and how to develop them into three-dimensional beings that jump off the page. Discover a new approach for plotting that makes it easy to sketch out the hook, character, and story structure of your next kidlit book.

Examples will focus on the hottest titles in YA and MG fiction. All throughout the day. Natalie Grazian is an associate literary agent at Martin Literary Management. Natalie is eager to build her adult fiction list. She is currently accepting queries for commercial, upmarket, and literary adult fiction.

She is highly interested in reimagined myths and fairytales from different cultures, historical fiction, and a good quest narrative in any genre. More than anything, she looks for complex characters who make the unrelatable relatable, and for a smart, distinctive narrative voice.

Learn more about Natalie here. Amy Levenson is the founding literary agent of Blue Heron Literary. She is actively seeking middle grade and young adult fiction all genresfrom adventure driven and fantastical to contemporary settings exploring social issues. For new adult and adult fiction, she seeks plot-driven literary works and upmarket commercial stories with only a touch of genre.

She is especially drawn to a strong voice and dynamic characters, a well-paced plot, witty or quirky humor, and am always susceptible to a good solid tug on the heart strings.

Learn more about Amy here.

Education & Learning

Cortney Radocaj is a literary agent at Corvisiero Literary. She seeks young adult, new adult, and adult fiction in various genres.

Learn more about Cortney here. Adria Goetz is an associate literary agent with Martin Literary Management. She is actively building her client list and looking for is your one-stop source for finding Business Writing training courses in Seattle, Washington. currently lists Business Writing training courses in and nearby the Seattle region, from 2 of the industry's leading training providers, such as Software Skills Training, Inc. and SkillPath.

Crash Course in Mistake-Free.

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Good writing is a fundamental skill that can help you communicate ideas clearly and effectively. In the business world, your writing could be the difference between landing a lucrative contract, earning a promotion, or making your resume stand out. This course is recommended for all who wish to sharpen their business writing skills.

It's required for Albers graduate students who scored below 25% in the Verbal and/or Writing section of the GMAT or GRE and have not completed equivalent coursework with a grade of B () or better.

Seattle University (SU) is a Jesuit Catholic university in the northwestern United States, located in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington..

business writing course seattle

SU is the largest independent university in the Northwest US, with over 7, students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs within eight schools, and is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and.

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