Apush brinkley ch 7 study notes

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Apush brinkley ch 7 study notes

Private railroad companies built the transcontinental rail lines by raising their own capital funds without the assistance of the federal government. The rapid expansion of the railroad industry was often accompanied by rapid mergers, bankruptcies, and reorganizations.

The railroads created an integrated national market, stimulated the growth of cities, and encouraged European immigration. Railroad owners were generally fair and honest in their dealings with shippers, the government, and the public.

The early, weak federal efforts at railroad regulation did bring some order and stability to industrial competition.

Corporations effectively used the Fourteenth Amendment and sympathetic court rulings to prevent much effective government regulation of their activities.

Two new inventions that brought large numbers of women into industry were the typewriter and the telephone. Industrialization generally gave the industrial wage earner greater status and control over his or her own life.

The Knights of Labor organized skilled and unskilled workers, blacks and whites, women and men. The Knights of Labor were severely hurt by the Haymarket Square episode, even though they had no connection with the bombing.

The American Federation of Labor tried hard but failed to organize unskilled workers, females, and blacks. The federal government contributed to the building of the national rail network by a.

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The most efficient and public-minded of the early railroad-building industrialists was a. The railroad most significantly stimulated American industrialization by a.

The railroad barons aroused considerable public opposition by practices such as a. The railroads affected even the organization of time in the United States by a.

Apush brinkley ch 7 study notes

The first important federal law aimed at regulating American industry was a. Morgan exercised his economic power most effectively by a. Two late-nineteenth-century technological inventions that especially drew women out of the home and into the workforce were a.

The large trusts like Standard Oil and Swift and Armour justified their economic domination of their industries by claiming that a. The oil industry first thrived in the late s by producing a.

Southerners were too bitter at the Union to pursue national goals.

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For American workers, industrialization generally meant a. Morgan bought out Andrew Carnegie Charles Dana Gibson E. Alexander Graham Bell F. William Graham Sumner M. Morgan buys out Andrew Carnegie to form the first billion-dollar U.

Federal land grants and subsidies A. The building of a transcontinental rail network B. Corrupt financial manipulations by the railroads C.

New technological developments in steel making, oil refining, and communication D. The ruthless competitive techniques of Rockefeller and other industrialists E.

The growing mechanization and depersonalization of factory workers H.

Apush brinkley ch 7 study notes

The Haymarket Square bombing I. Kept the South in economic dependency as a poverty-stricken supplier of farm products and raw materials to the Northeast.Chapter 6 APUSH American Pageant.

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