An introduction to the analysis of nicknames

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An introduction to the analysis of nicknames

Images Note that there are some images: Be consistent in labeling files. Mariposa, the UH Internet server, is a unix machine and is somewhat fussy. If the file is butler. Gif you will get the dreaded file not found on this server message.

A link to the UH Home page looks like: Netscape allows the user to define the colors of these clickable commands in Options. You can specify a link never followed on the machine you are using as one color and a link which has been followed as another.

Look under Options on the main menu for General Preferences. Point at the clickable text. Double clicking with the pointer will transfer control to the address URL given in the command. The address is www. A marker can be inserted in the document at a place where you want someone to be able to transfer.

The following command inserts a "marker" in your text. This is an internal transfer of control. You can also transfer from one file to a marker in another file by specifying the file name and the marker. Note that any word could substitute for marker.

You may have to do some editing but it is a quick way to get started. Note that special features like bold do not survive the transfer but you can add the appropriate html tags to bring back those features.

The following text was pasted into this html document from a survey prepared in Mac Write Pro. Does your department circle correct response: This is a good way to take existing electronic material and get it into a form nearly ready for distribution via the Internet.

Exercise 1 So far, you have been downloading files from the University server.

An introduction to the analysis of nicknames

Netscape allows you to develop materials without having access to a server. Point the cursor at the picture and hold down on the "clicker" until a menu appears on the screen. Save a copy of the picture on your desk top.

From View select Document Source. Under File there is an Open File command. If you click on the file exercise1. Think of the implications. With Document Source you can download any file from the Internet and with the point and click you can download any image!

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Abraham essay lincoln nicknames