An analysis of the forest scene

Opening scene to the entrance of John Proctor Summary The play is set in Salem, Massachusetts, ; the government is a theocracy—rule by God through religious officials. Within the community, there are simmering disputes over land. Matters of boundaries and deeds are a source of constant, bitter disagreements.

An analysis of the forest scene

Friday, 25 November Micro Analysis - Forrest Gump In Forrest Gump how is mise en scene used to generate meaning and response during the scene in which Forrest is seen running across America 1: However amongst this vast narrative in which Forrest meets many influential figures in popular culture, including President JFK, John Lennon and Elvis Presley we see him grow and mature throughout the years.

We see him dressed in reasonably smart casual clothing, with the exception of his Nike shoes that were previously gifted to him. His well dressed attire shows that he has now become an extremely successful entrepreneurial figure over the years. This is very affective as it successfully foreshadows the later events of the scene.

We then see Forrest arise from his seat and he suddenly starts to run. It is a completely impulsive action and is not thought out at all. This greatly confuses the audience as we do not yet understand his motives behind the run.

We see him run through empty roads with completely unknowing bystanders beside him. This is an extremely affective piece of filmmaking as it is such a stark contrast to what we later see in the scene. In this scene we see a technique that is constantly repeated throughout the film.

The television is used as a prop which constantly keeps us up to date with the time setting of the An analysis of the forest scene. This event is regarded as being memorable in terms of historic context; therefore it is easily recognised by the audience.

As the scene progresses we see a slight change in costume. We as the audience almost feel empathy towards him as we still do not at all understand the reasoning behind his run, and with his mental state we feel that he does not quite understand that his actions are not exactly normal, specifically we feel does not understand what bystanders must think of him; a rugged man running across town in tattered clothes and bare legs.

They both grow significantly through the course of the scene, showing that he no longer cares for his appearance.

Analysis of Forrest Gump Opening Scene | Caitlin Jones

This shows that his mind is totally focused on other things, things that are subsequently revealed and he does not have time to care for such pointless things as appearance. With this scene we see several shots of Forrest in the present day; telling the story of his life to complete strangers on a park bench.

These shots are affective as they show that though his appearance has drastically changed; his mindset is still the entirely the same. We see vast country side shots which emphasise the working nature of his people.

We also see some beautiful and simplistic landscape, which is in many ways similar to the character of Forrest. Prior to this we only see shots of him running without people taking notice, unaware of the timescale.

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This moment is the catalyst for what follows in this scene. She notices him but is not greatly surprised at his actions.

This shows his complex and unpredictable nature. We then see a group of reporters latch onto Forrest as he crosses the Mississippi river.

An analysis of the forest scene

This again emphasises the sudden leap in scale and how Forrest is still completely oblivious to this. His full attention is focused internally, focused on his thoughts only. Forrest is approached by a bystander who is shocked at the sight of Forrest.

The bystander is forced to run at a great speed in order to catch up with Forrest, which is shown through him panting and his long strides. We then see Forrest dressed in a Nike top that is not previously seen.

His willingness to accept these products also emphasises his innocence. This again emphasises the jump in publicity he has experienced.

It is shot in a way that makes it seem like an overnight occurrence; all of a sudden a crowd appears alongside him.

An analysis of the forest scene

It is not a gradual thing, instead after literally two years of running Forrest is suddenly recognised as being miraculous. The lighting throughout the entire scene is subtle but effective.

All of the scenes are shot during the daytime and all are lit with high-key lighting. This is important in setting the tone; it makes the events almost seem like a miracle. The final section of this scene is one where Forrest is approached by a mysterious man who is wielding several bumper stickers.Apr 25,  · Forrest Gump: Film Analysis Forrest Gump has become a cinematic masterpiece.

The subjectivity, spatial relations, temporal relations, conventional patterns, and cause and effect of narrative form develop the emotional response for the audience to connect with Forrest Gump on an emotional level.

The use of mise-en-scene. Find out what happens in Scene 12 of Forrest Gump. Get a detailed summary of the the action. In Forrest Gump how is mise en scene used to generate meaning and response during the scene in which Forrest is seen running across America () Forrest Gump () is a Robert Zemeckis picture which follows the story of Alabama born simpleton Forrest Gump as he moves through life, encountering and influencing many .

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Act I: Opening scene to the entrance of John Proctor

Although set in France, the forest to which Duke Senior and his loyal lords flee is intentionally reminiscent of Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood. It is, in Charles’s estimation. Jan 08,  · Analysis of the music featured in Forrest Gump Third year university work for which I was awarded a first.

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