A lewis and clarks expedition journal entry

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A lewis and clarks expedition journal entry

I determined to go as far as St. Charles a french village 7 Leags. Lewis Could finish the business in which he was obliged to attend to at St.

Louis and join me by land from that place 24 miles; by this movement I calculated that if any alterations in the loading of the Vestles or other changes necessary, that they might be made at St.

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Louis limestone of middle Mississippian age. Charles as being twenty-one miles above St. Charles district on the Missouri River. InAuguste Chouteau surveyed the settlement, and soon after the district of St. The parish Church, and hence the settlement, was named for St. He entered the Spanish military service infought the British and their Indian allies in the Revolutionary War, and as a reward was given a regular rank as a sublieutenant.

He became commandant at St. Genevieve, came to St.

Lewis and Clark Journals Entries - May 14 - 20,

I sent George Drewyer with Mr. Two Keel Boats arrive from Kentucky to day loaded with whiskey Hats. Within a few years he had moved to Spanish Louisiana and received a large land grant to establish a settlement for Indians, partly as a defense against possible American invasion.

In spite of these indications of anti-American attitudes, he became an Indian agent for the United States after the Louisiana Purchase. May 19, "A violent wind last night accompanied with rain.

William Clark, who had previously arrived at that place with the party destined for the discovery of the interior of the continent of North America.The Flower Swift Militia Company Of Montgomery Co., Virginia Reconstruction of a vanished community in today's Carroll and Grayson Counties.

A lewis and clarks expedition journal entry

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Learn more about the members of the expedition. Buy the Print Editions. Print editions of The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition are available through the University of Nebraska Press. Home; Journals;. Overview The four Logan brothers were early settlers of an area along the North and South Carolina border that was originally part of Tryon County, North Carolina, and later became part of Rutherford County, North Carolina and York County, South Carolina.

Lewis and Clark’s Irreplaceable Sergeant John Ordway. Maria Szasz.

A lewis and clarks expedition journal entry

As the bicentennial of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s journey across the American West approaches, interest in their exploration seems as fresh and vigorous as if the men had just returned to St.

Louis last fall. The Corps of Discovery didn't always know where it was going. You can. Related Products Order merchandise for “Lewis and Clark” and Ken Burns’ previous films.

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