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Historically, socially, and anecdotally, we see potential conflict as being between sons and fathers—the youthful interloper and the paterfamilias—beginning with Oedipus with a special thank you to Freud. But, on reflection, is that because the myths of motherhood—that pastel-colored, gauzy notion that all women are instinctively loving and nurturing—muzzle sons even more effectively than daughters?

A comparison of a question of language how it feels to be colored me and my bovane

Good for You and Mother Earth too! Organic, free-range, range-free, pasture-raised? I've found it more flavorful than conventional and even organic poultry. Also, most mammalian males are sexually interested only when the females are in heat. In modern dairy production, cows are raped involuntarily inseminated while still lactating.

They become pregnant while still lactating. This would never happen in the wild because a lactating cow is never naturally in heat. The gestation period for a cow is around days. That's over nine months. Cows that get pregnant after days in milk will end up spending more time in later lactation where they contribute less milk and less profit.

This is important because the bull or artificial insemination technician must know the best time to deposit semen for optimum fertility. This is also true of many other mammals including cats and rabbits. So, your distaste pun intended for cow's milk seems mainly based on the worst possible scenario instead of promoting the best.

The best is a local, small farm cow that is naturally bred and allowed to both feed her calf and provide milk.

A comparison of a question of language how it feels to be colored me and my bovane

Such farms provide milk to humans while letting the cow live out its natural "childcare" life. You seem intent on throwing out the baby calf and the bathwater milk.

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There are alternatives to the worst-case scenario. Don said, "Now imagine that some more powerful species from another planet comes to colonize earth, and decides to raise humans for meat and milk.

Sounds like the basis of a science-fiction story. So this is your argument: We shouldn't drink cow's milk because we wouldn't like it if some alien species came to earth and raped our women and ate us for meat?

Apparently you've forgotten that the golden rule is a rule for men among men. It is not for men's dealing with rodents or for men dealing with aliens from another planet. Because though you don't want to inflict suffering on the animals, they have no qualms about inflicting suffering on you, your wife, your family, any other person, or any other animal.

Animals do not share your desire for not having animals suffer. Unfortunately, they don't think the same way. In fact, they don't think reason at all.Bovane informed me that he was booked the following day, but once I informed him of my interview, he asked me to give him a chance to figure out where he could fit me in the following day.

The next morning I received a text from Amy, stating I could come in 5/5(29). Full text of "A Zulu-Kafir dictionary, etymologically explained, with copious illustrations and examples, preceded by an introduction on the Zulu-Kafir language" See other formats.

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It was my father who gave me the first dictionary of my own, a Webster's Collegiate, inscribed on the flyleaf with my full name (he always included Alice, my middle name, after his .

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